Friday, November 18, 2005

Green Puppy Born In California

Green Puppy

You don’t see green puppy walking around in the city, do you? Check out the green puppy slideshow.

ALHAMBRA, California A golden retriever pup born to an Alhambra, California dog breeder is mystifying everyone that sees him. There’s nothing wrong with the little guy, he’s just green.

The little green fella was one of four puppies born five-days ago. The dog’s owner says he’s mystified about the color.

Veterinarians say it’s possible for a newborn pup’s fur to be green because the placenta rubs off at birth. However, that stuff is dark green. Some skeptics are saying it could be a dye job.

The owner already has a name picked out for his pup: wasabi, the name of that spicy green mustard you put on sushi.

What have you done Green Goblin!!??

Watch Green Puppy Born In California

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