Saturday, June 17, 2006

Blow up the Damn Dam

Three Gorges dam

Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River, China, constructed in 1993. It is the largest hydroelectric dam in the world, more than five times the size of the Hoover Dam. work was finished on May 20, 2006, nine months ahead of schedule

A temporary barrier called cofferdam was built before the construction. Now that it is completed, this wall has to be blown away.

A total of 191 tonnes of explosives had to be put in place at 1,700 sites along the barrier.

Get ready and.... BOOM!!! That was awsome!

1 The Cofferdam 1 Three Gorges Dam

2 Barrier wall 2 Barrier wall

3 Installing explosive 3 Installing explosive

4 Get ready 4 Get ready


6 more explosive 6 More Explosive

7 massive wave 7 Massive Wave

8 all gone 8 All Gone

Here is a video clip I found on the web.

Watch [Damn Dam Demolition]

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