Sunday, November 20, 2005

Cyril Card Trick

Cyril Card Trick

I’ve never miss a chance of posting Cyril’s magic trick/illusion in my site because he is so amazing. Look around in this site and you’ll find lots and lots of Cyril’s awesome trick. His new trick is card transformation. First he showed an audience a stack of card that he flipped through, then ask the audience to remember a card that she saw and write down on the wooden block. After that he will reveal the exact card that the audience keep in her mind. But this time Cyril’s magic trick gone wrong.

This time i actually know how he did part of the trick because i’ve seen someone did it before. He had done something to the stack of the card. He purposely put the red card in the position that he know and when he flip the card he will try to have a very small delay on the red card. So the female audience will have a higher memory on that card. He’s just trying to fool with her brain. As for the card transformation, don’t ask me. Might be magic ink or something.

Watch Cyril Card Trick

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