Thursday, January 26, 2006

Cannibal Escape

Cannibal Escape

I'm not sure why Cannibal Escape is named as such, but I haven't played this too much of this point'n'click adventure yet, so perhaps it will become obvious. The skelton hanging on the wall is a bit suspicious though. Anyway, whatever, enjoy Cannibal Escape which I would subtitle "Escape The Prison-cum-Library". A barred window and a skeleton in the same room as bookshelves? What's that all about?

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I foung this game through [Lazylaces]. This guy is absolutely a "Master of Point'n'Click", you may just find ANY types of Point'n'Click gamers through his site. Some of them are quite famous one, such as "Who Murdered Marilyn Spencer?", "Lilo & Stitch's Kauai Caper", "CSI Mind Prison" and many other interesting titles....

Lets return to this "Cannibal Escape", if you are tired of getting the clues and looking for cheats walkthrough or help... try to look at the 'Comments' sessions, you may find some supprise :>


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