Monday, February 27, 2006

Australia Next Top Model

Australia Next Top Model

Australia Next Top Model

The Aussie version of Tyra Banks' hit reality modelling show is so much better than the original, and I will give you two main reasons:

Swearing and Nudity.

America's Next Top Model is way too conservative, and frankly, I'm really fed up of Tyra Banks telling everyone to look "fierce" and then crying about it. The Australian host, Erika Haynatz is a tough broad, and she doesn't sugar coat anything. If she thinks you suck, she'll tell you to your face.

Here is a video clip of their first photoshoot, involving some excellent nudity, and some excellent talk about nudity.

Watch [Austalia's Next Top Model Nude Video] **Warning, not safe for office!!

via [Egostatics]

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