Tuesday, January 02, 2007

ImageFly - Free Image Hosting

I've been using Photobucket as my pictures' host since I started this site some time ago. I found it quite ok so I continue using it.

This month I have got very fantastic traffic. Visitors came from everywhere, amounting at least 100,000 visits, and more are coming. Somehow I overlooked the bandwidth of my picture host. I reveived a mail from Photobucket that I has run out of bandwidth! Where they only provide 10GB of it per month. So most of my pages will look like the picture below.


I feel sorry about that, and I am now in the process of transfering all my pics to another host.

I am now moving to [ImageFly]
Image Fly

There are few reason for choosing their service.
- First of all its FREE.
- They do not set limitation on the Bandwidth
- Most important, they Pay you when your pictures is view by other users.

How it works?
You get 1 point for every unique image view on image you uploaded.When you reach 4,500 points, you get USD1. When you have accumulated $30 or more, You can request a money transfer to Paypal, and it may take up to 14 days to process your request.

For each person that you refer, you get 30% of their imageviews. The more people you refer, the faster you can earn points!

Frankly, its not a fast way to earn money this way (you need 135000 points or page views to reach $30), I wonder when will I reach it? But somehow you may get back something for sharing pictures online. Worth a try.

Please [Signup] fast and start earning today!!

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