Monday, February 19, 2007

British Government to close 551 websites

Government website is my least visit websites. They have always giving my an impression of obsulute information, lack of update. I do not understand why the gocernment still spend lots of money maintaining on those websites that have no business.

According to BBC News, the British government currenly has 951 websites - 551 of which are set to close. That was nearly 60% of the government websites.

BBC News: Of 951 sites, only 26 will definitely stay, 551 will definitely close and hundreds more are expected to follow.

In future government information will be streamlined through two main sites - Directgov and Business Link.

About £9 million a year was expected to be saved over three years by cutting back on "vanity" sites that do not serve a useful purpose.

Here are the full list of the [551 doomed sites] if you are interested. Check them out before they are closed.

I wonder when will our government become that smart to have this move??



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