Thursday, February 01, 2007

Shoe Money the Nostradamus

Jeremy, @ ShoeMoney, the guy who earn more than 100k per month from Google Adsense has made ten predictions of what will be happening in 2007. ShoeMoney - My Official Predictions For 2007.

Shoe Money the ShoestradamusThe post was published on Saturday, January 6th, 2007. I was so suprise to find out that, out of the Ten predictions, TWO has already happened, and it is now end of January, way to go man. He is now calling himself Shoestradamus!

First prediction to made up the list was 'Yahoo has purchased MyBlogLog for 10 million dollars'.

Second one is 'Google Adsense will get rid of the non compete with the contextual engine thingie'. Details is on JenSense's "It's official! You can now run AdSense on the same page as other contextual ad programs"

Here are his complete predictions:

1) Google Adsense will get rid of the non compete with the contextual engine thingie. Some publishers are already getting the go-ahead to use other contextual driven products on there page and I suspect in 2007 they will just make it official that you can use other contextual advertising products.

2) Microsoft will buy a Search Engine Company to improve Live. Its clear they have given up there development of Live search. Its really sad to cause they have this great product with AdCenter and they send quality leads but they just have no volume =(. So ok what search engines are out there to buy? Well Ask is no longer on the table (even tho I am not that big of fan of ask) but then there are some up and comers with some cool technology like Hey what about Yahoo? Ohhh I already posted about that!

3) The evil shroud of Ask! (HAH I BET YOU THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO SAY GOOGLE) will be pulled back and it will be better exposed that nobody actually uses there search engine and the only way they make money is by catering to search engine arbitragers and infecting people with there spyware smiley toolbar. I have heard rumors that as much as 80% of’s revenue comes from the spyware based side of the smiley toolbar. Here is a old article I do not think anyone ever read. its 10 questions this guy wants to ask Ask. (notetoself: A detailed indepth article about Ask and how they really make money would probably be good link and digg bait).

4) My writing and grammer will get worse but traffic will improve thus pissing more grammer Nazi’s off around the world. (yes i know i spelled grammar wrong… move on)

5) Google OS and Computer - I would be the farm on this one happening soon… it might not be in 2007 but its coming so what the hell I will throw it in. What honestly is the only thing that is leaving Microsoft Search with a pulse? Well its the fact that the operating system is so in tune with the os DUH. I will make a more indepth post on this soon but I wanted it offcial in the 2007 predictions.

6) The search engines will continue to just refund people for “invalid clicks” and keep making a ton of money from click fraud.

7) eBay after 4 years (well it seems like 4) of trying to develop there own auction based ad network will buy an existing one for a zillion dollars *cough* shoemoneyads *cough* DISCLOSURE NOTICE: I OWN SHOEMONEYADS

8) will make it back into the technorati top 100 list. Yes

9) More people will jump on the Google is evil bandwagon. Its amazing how fast a company can go from being so loved to so targeted for rumors and speculation. I guess that comes with success.

10) Someone will buy mybloglog. Its just to hot. I noticed they are pulling in a ASSLOAD of data from there javascript. I often wondered my self what data like that is worth. I know they were shopping our data themselves to yahoo for a bit not sure on the course of that.



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