Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Spanish Tax Software - eSmart Tax

Filling the tax form each year are making me headache, not only time consuming yet lots of technical terms which I do not understand. I always wish if there is an easy and simple way to do it, and yes, there are many of Tax Software out there to help us on this troublesome taxing issue.

The problem with most pieces of software out in the market are written in English. You can hardly it in other languages and even though there is, the price is incredibly high.

According to a survey, more than 36 million (almost 13%) of the US population has Hispanic origin. In California, the percentage of population with Hispanic origin is more than 30%. The need for better communication between taxpayers and the government is obvious and multi-language service provides a user-friendly and efficient conduit.

Therefore there is a need for Spanish Tax Software. eSmart Tax is the first true on-line taxing software that enables users to have a more familiar user experience you ever have! Users can easily switch between English and Spanish by just clicking the languages at the top of the page.

With eSmart Tax online tax software, users can easily switch between English and Spanish by clicking either "English" or "Espanol" at the top of the page. The same easy and clear navigation and preparation process is used for either language except the pages are presented in a familiar language to make the preparation process even easier for all users.

eSMARTtax online tax software was designed to simplify the tax filing process. No lengthy interviews. No questions and answers that lead you nowhere. With eSmartTax you fill in the forms logically, click for on-line help on any item, and you see the results immediately.

You might wonder what would be the cost of it? Well it is not expensive at all, ranging from $ 7.95 to $19.95. You are even entitled free trial on E-Filing and print/mail options. Pricing detail can be found in their Pricing Page. There are absolutely no hidden costs, unlike many other companies.

What else do you need? Make eSmart Tax your Online Tax Preparation and Tax Filing Software this year. It will save you time and headache.

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