Monday, November 21, 2005

Escape The Tower Walkthrough

Escape The Tower Walkthrough

Play this game: Escape The Tower (Gamers Hood) - Escape the Tower is an ordinary point and click room escape game. You need to collect some things and to use them in right places. If you got all the nessesery things, you can escape.

Crack your head first and if you've got stuck somewhere in the game crying out loud for help and solutions, here’s a list of Escape The Tower Walkthrough to guide you out of the tower.

Click in trashcan.
Click on battery (kind of hidden towards the left)
Click to the right until you’re looking at the bed.
Click the pillow.
Click the left side of the pillow.
Get the remote.
Click back out til you’re at the farthest view of the bed again.
Click under the bed.
Go to the left.
Get honey.
Look at the bookshelf.
Click on the bottom shelf.
Click on honey, then click on bear.
Get key.
Go back to first view (with door and trashcan).
Click on dresser.
Click on key, then click on top drawer.
Get CD.
Look at computer desk.
Click on plug to left of desk.
Click on plug to plug it in.
Look back out, click on computer tower (sitting on floor)
Turn on power.
Click on CD drive.
Click on CD in inventory, then click on CD drive.
Click back out, then look at monitor. Click on desktop icon.
Look back out, then turn to left. You should see the bookshelf.
Click on “To Do List” above bulletin board.
Click on it again.
Enter the code 0504
Get key.
Go back to front door view.
Click on dresser.
Click on key and second drawer.
Get screwdriver and battery.
Go back to bookshelf and memorize book color order
(It’s Green Red Green Green Light blue Green, then Purple Green Dark blue Green Yellow)
Go to TV view and click on vent.
Click on screwdriver, then click on one of the screws holding the vent in. Do this 4 times.
Click on vent.
Get key.
Click on far right of the back of the vent.
Click on colored tubes until they form the same pattern as the books.
Get brass key.
Look back out, and look to bookshelf.
Click on 3rd shelf down.
Use brass key on safe.
Get rope.
Click back out to farthest view of bookshelf, then click on far right of bookshelf (on the wall)
Get crowbar.
Click back out to farthest view of bookshelf, then click on far left of bookshelf (on the wall)
Get silver key
Go to TV view.
Click on remote.
Click on batteries and put them in remote.
Click on TV.
Click on remote, then click on TV
Click behind TV (to the left)
Click on small switch beside red light…light should turn green.
Click back out and look at TV.
Newslady will give you code: 9ZOMB1
Click back out to farthest view.
Click on large box beside TV.
Use crowbar on box.
Enter code from TV, click handle.
Get gun.
Go back to computer view.
Click on small metal plate to left of computer desk.
Use small silver key on metal plate.
Use rope on metal plate.
Go back to front door view.
Click on front door.
You’re out!


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