Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Rat Room Walkthrough

The Rat Room

I have posted [the game] a few days ago, its a Point'n'Click game with Sudoku feature within. You will have to solve the sudoku puzzle before you can continue. I think this game somehow has got bug; at a point when you did a wrong step and die, you might not get the combination after you restart it. You will then have to Reload the entire page and start over again.

ok, here are some steps that help you to get through it:

1. Finish the SUDOKU, the wall opens.

2. Find a toy, matches, a bottle of liquor, bag, a wire on a role, a pan.

3. combine following things:
A -> bag with wire on the role
B -> pan with bottle of liquor
C -> A with B
D -> C with matches
E -> Matches with the paper you got from the beginning. (click on the burning paper, you'll find a hole)

4. Click the toy (you'll discover something to do with the lamps and the lasers).

5. Now use your hot balloon to block lasers.

6. Take the key

7. open the desk to find something paper strip looking.

8. match the paper with something so it turns in a weird shape.

9. Go to the box with the same weird shape and click the weird shaped paper


Wait... how about the Sudoku?? well check on the picture abvove :>


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