Sunday, October 15, 2006

Chiglish - Take Care, Fall Into Water Carefully

I know the English standard in China is not that good, but I never expect these types of English to be shown to the public in China. We called this 'Chinglish'. I think it will just make people laugh especially to those who can read the Chinese words.

I think I can easily get a job in China as a 'Chinese To English Translator', or just teaching English.

Take care, fall into water carefully!!!
Chinese English Translation - Take Care

I know Yao Ming is a great Basketball player, so this is the ball he played...!?
Chinese Basketball

Construction On the Spot!
Chinese Construction

Eating Worldwide
Chinese Restaurant, Chinese Worldwide Food

Any Security around??
Chinese Security Guard

I think they are doing some Trading Business here
Emergency Export / Exit

Sir, may I take your order??
Chinese Menu, How to Order??

FYI, the 'F**k to fry the cow river' was actually "Dry Fried Fat Noddle"

It is suitable for Muslim...
No Pork

Ok, If this is not Butter, I guess its called "Margarin"
Not Butter

Pay attention to the Relic
Chinese Relic

When the food comes, you gotta Smack it!!
Chinese Smack Food!!

A simple way to say it is: No outside drinks allow
Chinese Drinks

I think most kids can do a better spelling than this.
Chinese Spelling

This Supermen spray can makes you Super in Bed!!
Chinese Superman

I nearly cannot believe this signboard was from Carefour, a foreign company. "No Park Here"
Carefour Transportation


Blogger ChinaLawBlog said...

Problem is you cannot easily get a job as a Chinese to English translator in China because the reality is that business Chinglish persists because of the unwillingness of so many companies to pay anything much at all to clean things up.

10/15/2006 10:39:00 PM  

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