Friday, February 02, 2007

Who is Peter Belisi?

Peter Belisi is a designer of luxury silk ties, scarves and handbags.

He used to be a bartender in Palm Beach who now successfully turned into fashion designer of luxury silk ties, scarves and handbags. The Belisi brand unites the luxury and prestige of Palm Beach with Italian beauty and sophistication.

To promote his ties, Peter launched a campaign called "Belisi Take off that Tie Campaign", which is to give a new tie a month to the ugly winner.

The idea is to submit a picture of yourself or another person wearing an ugly or funny tie. The ugliest tie would win away a prize of a Belisi tie necktie worth over $500 in value.

To participate in the campaign, you need to:

1. Post a blog with link to the Peter Belisi MySpace page

2. Submit a friend request to Peter Belisi

3. Post a Comment on the Peter Belisi MySpace page with your blog URL and link back with a photo of you(or someone else) wearing the ugliest necktie. Ladies are also welcome - all that's required is a person in the photo wearing the ugly, funny or otherwise fashion challenged tie.

After that just sit back and wait for the result. One lucky winner will get a Luxury Belisi Necktie each month for a year - a $500 value. Anyway I wish you all best of luck!

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