Saturday, December 17, 2005

Cyril Glass Magic Trick

Japanese Glass Magic Trick Japanese Glass Magic Trick

Cyril is a Japanese, but some say he is not a native japanese but actually grew up in US. Whatever is it, he is famous for his very special 'Street Magic', which can easily beat David Blaine away. You can read more of his detail on his website.

Now lets watch one of his spectaculating magic skill. This one let me guessing, I can never figure how he done it. He managed to put a coin thru a glass tabletop in a restaurant. Where later he up that by pulling a salt grinder up from below the glass. And even more amazing.... he 'Framed' the coin into the glass table, WOW!!!

Watch the illusion [here] or [here]


Anonymous said...

I'm a big magic fan and that is a great trick but something tells me that it's a setup...that was planned out with the owner of that place because it's impossible to have the coin go into the middle of the freaking table me.

12/17/2005 08:23:00 PM  
Blogger gasoon said...

hi welcome aboard and thanks for your link :>

Yup me too beleive that could be a setup... but still the trick was simply amazing.

12/20/2005 08:53:00 AM  

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