Wednesday, January 18, 2006

One Simple Room walkthrough

One simple room walkthrough

I have posted a 'point n click' game few days ago; [One Simple Room]. It doesmn't sound so easy i guess, right? Well don't worry, if you need some tips or hints, here is the spoiler / walkthrough if you are facing some difficulties.

1. Turn on the light
2. Grab cup
3. Click the gap under the left most book on the shelf. Get battery.
4. Click under leftmost leg of the table. Get remote
5. Use the cup with the dropping drops (timing required)
6. Click the lowest 'botton' on the tv, get coin
7. Click on the electirical outlet (white thing under right side of tv). Use the coin with the left screw slot and clcik on the white panel.
8. Take key
9. Plug in the tv by clicking it's its power cable (same screen,aboce socket)
10. Use the key to open the closet. Get hanger
11. Use the cup of oil with the upper drawer in the bottom of the closet. Open it and get the phone reciever.
12. Get battery from closet (little red thing)
13. Use the batteries on the remote
14. Use the hanger on the top of the tv in the little blue dish
15. Pick a leaf from the plant on the closet.
16. Pick up the screw near the power outlet that you unscrewed earlier. (very small thing on the floor below outlet)
17. Click the gap in. the phone wire use the green leaf with the gap. Use the screw with the basted gap.
18. Use the reciever with the base, wait until it becomes green.
19. Use the remoteo n the TV
20. Pick up the reciever (when the light is green) and use it with the TV.
21. Go through convo, wait 1 minute. (maybe click on the center of the floor)
22. Go through the convo, get pliers.
23. Take hanger from TV
24. Use the pliars with the hanger.
25. Click on the left side of the closet, lefter of th dripping oil, until you get a screen with a broom. Use the new hangar thing with the broom.
26. Use the broom on the plant pot on the closet.
27. Use pliers with the broom.
28. Use the pliers with both of the TV buttons. The bottom one will give you a hollow button.
29. Go back to the screen behind the closet. Click on the dirt on the floor to get it. Use the hollow button with the water.
30. Click on the circular lock on the lockbox on the shelf above the TV.
31. Click on the lower white part a few times until it becomes solid. Use the dirt with the brown part. Use the button filled with water on the blue part.
32. Go to the power outlet. Unplug the tv by clicking on the plugged in wire head.
33. Timing required: Use the straw from the broom with the socket. When you get the burning match, immediately exit the screen and click on the lockbox loxk. Use the match on the red pat. (if you mess up hear, you have infinite chances to repeat.)
34. Use your gold coin and put it under the door, go through convo.
35. Open the box by cicking on its lid. Click on the coins to get a coin with a gold center and silver outline. Put it under the door. go through convo. click coin box again to get a thin gold coin. Put it under the door and go through convo. Click on the coins again, to get a silver coin. Put under door, go through convo. Click on the coins in the box yet again. this time you get a crumby looking coin. DO NOT PUT THIS ONE UNDER THE DOOR.
36. Open the closet door and use the crumby coin with the bottom shelve's keyhole.
37. Use the key mold with the lightbulb (thats right, the one on the roof.)
38. Use the solid key to open the bottom drawer and get the magnet.
39. Use the magnet on the coins in the box.
40. Put the iron coin under the door. Go through convo. Click on the door handle and you win.


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