Friday, January 13, 2006

Cyril Rubber Band Trick

Cyril Rubber Band

The below article and links was taken from "", a Cyril Takamaya fan who has 'Complete Collection of Cyril's Magic Video Clip'

This is the best, best, I mean, the best magic I've ever seen from Cyril Takayama—the famous Japanese Magician Master. This time he performs magics on two rubberbands. One rubber band simply crosses over and separates from the other. He even does it the second time in front of a girl so close, about 10cm away from her eyes!!! Her eyes were staring so hard at those two rubber bands while he's doing the trick. Guess what, the girl still can't detect how he does the magic trick!!! Rubber bands pass by each other just like that. :o :o :o
Simply amazing his performing style. How does he do those magic tricks? Perhaps if you look closely, you'll find it out and let me know... :d Seriously, if you look closely, you'll find that the rubber bands are bending in the wrong direction (ie, they're separated already) just before the girl blows at the rubber bands. See? :d
But, at which point of the hand maneuvering he separates the rubber bands is a puzzle. :-?

Watch [Cyril Rubber Band Trick] or the collection ofhis magic clips at []


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