Friday, January 13, 2006

Run, Escape, Jump


Great escape movie, this clip was taken from "Banlieue 13", Directed by Luc Besson -- an amazing French movie which I highly recommend. This man is not a stuntman and there are NO wires! David Belle (actor/ athlete shown in this clip) is arguably the best practitioner of "le parkour" (art of movement) in the world. Other amazing actor/ atlhete in this film (who's not shown in this clip) is Cyril Raffaelli. See how this guy escape from the bad guy by jump through windows, between buildings etc.

Catch him if you can.

Watch the [Great Escape] clip at [Metacafe]


Blogger Cheesy said...

David Belle is incredible. I do parkour and I wish I was as good as him :-p

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