Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Kama Sutra 3D

Kama 3D

Kama Sutra 3D

This exhibition was on show at the Chambéry Modern Art Museum in France, from 15th November 2005 to 30th May 2006. Each of the postures corresponds to a human sexuality position as described by the Kama Sutra. The artist who produced these sculptures, a French national who was born in the Alps in 1963, kept this collection away from the public eye in his workshop for a long time. He finally accepted that a photomontage of these works be made, as long as he himself is left in peace...

I've miss the exciting exhibition, somehow I can still enjoy all the statues and twist it 360 degree for better view.

Thanks to [Kama 3D], visit the site and watch for more statues.


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