Saturday, February 03, 2007

Public artwork by Helmick + Schechter

Click on the image to enjoy the amazing collection of sculptures, which perfectly fit to a particular environment created by the artist duo Ralph Helmick and Stuart Schechter. According to them “Working collaboratively helps free up our approach, supplying a kind of conceptual oxugen, blurring the lines between art and science”.

Using traditional methods, the artists sculpted twelve life-size portraits of ordinary American citizens-representing twelve members of a jury. The heads were then laser-scanned, rapid-prototyped at small scale, cast in pewter in large quantities, finished with a hand-rubbed patina, and precisely affixed to hundreds of suspended cables.

The new work is comprised of nearly 1400 subtly moving parts depicting over a dozen species of butterflies that together form an image of an F-35 jetfighter. The steeply banking plane is caught in mid-flight, frozen in time yet filled with the fluttering movement of the individual butterflies. Suspended by cables from the ceiling, each Mylar butterfly is anchored by a small pewter weight. Floating behind the plane are contrails of brightly colored flowers.

Numerals, letters, and symbols in the owl incorporate text, equations, and other kinds of embedded meaning; e.g,. a row of numbers depicts the Fibonacci series. Elsewhere, the sculpture includes letters spelling out dozens of names--geniuses in their fields--drawn from a variety of cultures and historical epochs.

Ghost Writer
Over 3,000 varied cast metal forms are precisely located on 900 descending cables. Each element is a sculpture in itself; en masse they articulate a large head within an abstract spiral form.

pewter, acrylic, stainless steel cable, steel rings
Sea-Tac International Airport, Pacific Marketplace
Seattle-Tacoma, Washinton. Hanging within the central space of the new Sea-Tac terminal floats Landing, a sculptural meditation on nature and civilization.



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