Friday, March 31, 2006

Diesel - KaBoom!

Diesel - KaBoom!

I could swear that I’ve seen this Diesel clip outside of the context of being an ad, but that could be the nicotine patch talking. It’s still damn cool, though.

I don’t know where one might find clown cannons, but I’m pretty sure I need one. Can you imagine the sheer mind-ripping terror of having clowns fired at you?

Watch [Diesel - KaBoom on Transbuddha]

Not In This Wheather

This Wheather

Sexy commercial about a car that has not problem driving through the snow. The surprise ending is really great!

At least one thing you can rely on.

Watch [Mercedes-Benz Commercial]

World Population by Year 2300

World Population

This map shows the predicted distribution for the estimated world population in 2300.

"... if fertility levels remain unchanged at today's levels, world population would rise to 244 billion persons in 2150 and 134 trillion in 2300, clearly indicating that current levels of high fertility cannot continue indefinitely." Population Coalition, 2005

Nice Information on projecting out poplation density and display forcasts of population growth/shrinkage

View [World Population]

Via Neatorama.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

This Is Pinky Violence!

Pinky Violence

This is a trailer/preview of a Japanese movie, from the fashion and video quality, it should be a 80s flim. However they claim that they are "The Inspiration For Kill Bill".

Be Warned, Its really Violence!!

Watch [Pinky Violence] Trailer

Thanks to [Magnoy Samsara] and [Geishe Asobi]

ElCompló Solution


After some trying, I manage to break the Grow Game [ElCompló] I posted few days ago. The above is the picture of the completed game.

Here's the walkthrough:
Bald Guy
Sewage lid
TV Screen
Cigar Guy
and lastly, Soldier

Have Fun!!

PETA Commercial


Frankly I do not like people killing animal just for its skin to wear it on, and I found this interesting clip from PETA.

The message behind this one is, How would you like to be killed for your coat?

Watch [PETA Commercial]

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Miss Universe, Oops!!

Miss Universe

In an ordinary fashion show, we have Miss Universe showing the latest fashion. But accident do happen, and we are more likely to see it.

Watch [Miss Universe Oops]

Waterbottle Jet

Waterbottle Jet

Latest invention from Japan, you don't need a complicated high tech machine to make you fly. Watch as a Crazy japanese man propelled himself high into the air...

Watch [Waterbottle Jet]

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Maxim 100th Issue Models

Maxim 100th Issue Models

Celebrate Maxim's 100th issue by diving into this pile of perfection. [100th Issue Models]

I have problem watching the clip on Maxim's site, however I found another host.

Watch [Maxim 100th Model]


Image hosting by Photobucket

Imagine your wife is feeling horny and waiting for you on the bed... but somehow you've got some important things to do, how would you tell her?

Watch [The Refrigerator trick]

What is the Time now??

Can you tell the time from these strange watches??









Lego Spiderman

Lego Spiderman

If you like the Lego movies like [this] and [this], you must like "Spider-Man: The Peril of Doc Ock", The latest official LEGO movie parody! Spidey and Doc Ock battle through New York in this fast moving take.

You may watchi the original show or several Alternative Endings.

Watch [Spider-Man: The Peril of Doc Ock]

Monday, March 27, 2006

Japan Judo Master

Japan Judo Master

I always like the Japanese's TV show, they always give me supprise by some wierd and strange and funny footage to share with you guys.

This time, a Judo Master was demostarating his flipping skill on some pretty nice chics... which they all wearing Short Skirt!!

Watch [Japan Judo Master]

American Next Clumsy model

American Next Top Model

This wanna-be super model seems to have a hard time walking the cat walk in high heels, isnt that a prerequisite to be a top model? I dont think she's going to make it

Watch [American Next Top Clumsy Model]

Credit [Dump a Link]

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Sonja Mueller

Image hosting by Photobucket

Sonja Mueller is a clever photographer with a great eye. She also has a website with a unique (but mildly annoying) interface.

Visit [Sonja Mueller] website

Credit : [Transbuddha]

Sunday, March 26, 2006



Actually I do not quite understand what this game is talking about, cause its in German I think. But anyway I like its nice and cute graphic, that make me start trying.

I think I am on the correct track; the game which is to build something at the correct timing; like [Grow Cube]. There are so many posibilities for the stuff to be used, try your best to works things out.

Play [ElCompló]

For those who likes shortcut... click [here]

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Friday, March 24, 2006

Madonna - Hung up

Madonna - Hung up

Great song by Madonna... nice music video and her body is still amazing!

Watch [Hung Up] Music video

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See anything in Cube or Squares? is having a competition of changing anything into a cube, square or rectangle shape.

Watch [Cubism]

Wedding video

Wedding Video

After watching this compilation of "what's happening during other people's wedding", you might want to reconsider of getting married.

Watch [Wedding video]

Don't Shoot The Puppy

Don't Shoot The Puppy

Found this game via [Boing Boing]

Don't Shoot the Puppy -- a dead-simple Flash game. If you move the mouse or type anything, you shoot the puppy. The objective is to not shoot the puppy. Therefore, to win, you must do nothing.

Freeeeze and don't even shake your Finger!!!

Play [Don't Shoot The Puppy]

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Entertainment Next Door

Next Door Entertainment

Remember the [Shower Time] post?

Now there are other kids copying the whole idea on this new ads... See what they found on the next door.

Watch [Next Door Entertainment]

Stunt City

Stunt City

Wake up in the morning and then start the daily life with all the stunning action , when you are living in Stunt City where people go about their everyday lives crashing through windows on their motorcycles, and hailing taxis by hanging on to the roof.

This commercial aired during the 2006 Super Bowl. There is another 30seconds' version which you may find it in Google Video, the one I am showing is the 'Extended Version'.

Watch [Degree: Stunt City]



Roperunner is an original flash game at orisinal. Send out your ropes to hit the creatures, but you have to avoid others. If you take a look at the picture, your character is in the bottom right. The creature you want to hit with your rope is bottom left. The creature you want to avoid is top left. You can also see the little red balls that are left over after you hit the right creature.

Run over and get those to keep your time limit up.

Play [Rope Runner]

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Internet Explorer 7 Video

Internet Explorer 7

Microsoft's ad campaign for their web browser software to make your everyday tasks easier. Such as frequent crashing and collecting spyware.

Microsoft [Internet Explorer 7] was released on March 20th, 2006. Download the Beta Preview today.

Watch Microsoft [Internet Explorer 7] Video

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

When She's Hot

She's Hot

Sometime ago I have got a post about [Make Your Own Movie]. Now there is another one where you can mix your own soft-core dance pr0n video. It is pretty simple, just drag and drop the clips and music and scracthes. You may DIY or just watch the 'Director's Cut'.

Make your own [Music Video]

Crazy Pay Phone 2.0

Crazy Pay Phone 2.0

The New Crazy Pay-Phone 2.0 Dial The Numbers and See What Crazies Answers!!! There are hidden buttons to two more pay-phones..Find them and see who else you can call!

Don't ask me, I do not have any idea what the hidden numbers are...

Play [Crazy Pay Phone]

Mission: Impossible: III (New Trailer)

Mission: Impossible: III

After my last post on the Mission: Impossible: III [teaser trailer], I have been following the news of this movie. This would be a 'Not-to-miss' movie this year!

Here I found the new trailer and some exclusive interviews; which includes interview with the Mysterious Maggie Q and M:i:III Stunt Featurette!

Watch the [Mission: Impossible: III Trailer]

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Japanese Fear Factor

Japanese Fear Factor

Tired of watching the Western's 'Fear Factor' TV show? Now watch this Japanese version. You must be wondering where to get the whole show after watching this clip. Are they really show this on TV??

Watch the [Japanese Fear Factor]

Super Soaker Flame Thrower

Flame Thrower

Crazy video of a couple of guys making a flame thrower out of a super soaker type water gun. This is very dangerous and they are lucky that it did not blow up on them.

Kids, DoNot try this at home!!!

Watch [Super Soaker Flame Thrower]

Monday, March 20, 2006

Ultimate MS Paint

Ultimate MS Paint

Think you’re a fine doodler in Microsoft Paint? Yah, well say hello to William Moore and his ’ultimate MS Paint‘, a verticle mural done entirely in MS Paint.

100 hours of work went into this goliath of a .bmp that’s over 10,000 pixels long. And to you naysayers? He’s got something to say to you, too.

View the [Ultimate MsPaint]

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Korean Police

Korean Police

Most Malaysian must have know the issue where the Malaysian Police ordered a women to strip and did ear squat in the detention center, some of you might have seen the [Squat Video].

However, after you watched what this video, you migthh just say striping and squating is nothing. You might want to stay on everyone's good side while visiting Korea and make sure you don't ever get arrested.

Watch [Korean Police]

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Kournikova Tennis Shoe

Kournikova Tennis Shoes

Try put on this Anna Kournikova Tennis Shoes, no matter how hard you try, this wonderful shoes just won't stay tight!! Take a Look!!

Watch [Kournikova Tennis Shoes]

Friday, March 17, 2006

Pencilmation 2


Ross Bollinger and his simple yet satisfying cartoons. It's Pencilmation!

''A simple, pencil-drawn paradise'' delivers curious animated Web cartoons derived from doodles.

Watch [Pencilmation 2]

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Caught Cheated In Casino

Casino Cheat

First, they show you one way to Cheat in the casinos. Then they show you how they are going to take you down if you get caught!! So better becareful next time.

I wonder what they did to him that is not shown on the video?

Watch [Casino Cheating]

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Guy In The Ballet Classe

Ballet Class

What would a guy do in a ballet class?? I bet you would like to join the class after watching this clip.

Watch [Guy In The Ballet Class]

Odubang 2


Really good game where you have to work out the combinations and timing of where you want the stickman to go.

Play [Odubang 2]

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Magic Fish

Magic Fish

I did not know you could train goldfish to do tricks but that was just what they do in this video. The goldfish follow the man's instruction around. Very cool stuff. The only explaination is those fishes were fake... but how true?

Watch [The Magic Fish]

Safe Sex Music Video

Safe sex

Nice song with great animatied music video, a song called "Baby Baby" from 'The Vibrators'. That poor girl just had a hard sex life!

Live long enough to find the right one, Protect yourseslf.

Watch [Safe Sex] Music Video

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Powerful Car

Powerful Car

This was an weird video commercial for a internet marketing company. It was a nice clip until the girl got sucked up...

Watch [Powerful Car]