Friday, September 22, 2006

No Seatbelt No Excuse

AXA Insurance, No Seatbelt No Excuse

This is a terrifying commercial brought to you by AXA Insurance. Seat belt is not only meant to save yourself, but your loved one too.

"This video really makes a vivid point, that is exactly what does and will happen if you don’t wear a seatbelt and get into an accident(the NHTSA paid me to say that)"

Watch [No Seatbelt No Excuse]

Also another commercial about seat belt, [Heaven Can Wait]

Monday, September 18, 2006

Crazy Two Wheel Driving Performance

Stunt Driving

A brilliant old video of a team of stunt drivers taking their Ladas for a spin, see how they performed tyres changing while the car was still running.

Watch [Crazy Two Wheel Driving Performance]

Build Yours Harley Davidson

Build Yours Harley Davidson

Do you see just parts of motorcycle or you see a human face through the parts of the machines in an interesting way?

A very creative Idea and stunning execution. Harley Davidson seems to be establishing that it really caters the human needs. The ad has been nicely created by [Carmichael Lynch], Minneapolis. The strap line of the ad reads, ‘Build yours’.

Build Yours Harley Davidson


Build Yours Harley Davidson


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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Metro Arts

Komsomolskaya station, Moscow

Komsomolskaya station, Moscow

I never know that a Train Station/Subway/Underground/Metro... or whatever you call it, can be so stylish and artistic. Take a look at the galleries of these awsome stations.

The above was Komsomolskaya station in Moscow, built in 1952. It reminds me the Matrix's fighting scene.

"Subways need not be boring or dreary! Many operators of metros, subways or underground railways want to attract more passengers with good station design. This often means extra effort and higher costs for the metro operators but it seems to pay when a metro is more than just a means of transport but something the residents can be proud of.

Read below which metro systems double as the world's longest art galleries and in which cities you can see stunning underground palaces, museums, aquariums, an ancient chapel, or the world's first example of computer-generated architecture – or simply user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing underground stations.
" Source [Metro Bits]

T-Centralen station, Stockholm

Stockholm's subway is referred to as the world's longest art gallery because works of art have been integrated in almost every station since the 1950s. Many stations in have been left as rock caverns. More [Stockholm photos...]

Dülferstraße station, Munich

This metro system in Munich has been opened in 1972 and has spacious and clean stations. More [Munich photos...]

The elegant metro stations, Paris

The elegant metro stations in Paris are mostly column-free vaults and look similar throughout the system, which was inaugurated in 1900. Everything has been refurbished for the 100th anniversary. More [Paris photos...]

Barakaldo station, Bilbao

Foster about his spacious concrete vaults: "A tunnel dug by man through earth and rock is a very special place. Its shape is a reaction to the forces of nature and the texture of its construction bears the seal of man. This must be respected, not covered up to make the place look like any other building. One must be able to feel being underground, and make it a good, special experience" (quoted from Metro Bilbao's Touristic Guide Map). More [Bilbao photos...]

Olaias station, Lisbon

Kaiser Wilhelm Park, Rhine-Ruhr

Rhine-Ruhr area is an agglomeration of about 30 cities in western Germany with some 20 metro-tram lines and 9 S-Bahn lines. More [Rhine-Ruhr photos...]

Capitol South station, Washington

The Metrorail system of the US capital has been designed by Harry Weese & Associates to be America's grandest subway and was inaugurated in 1976.

Staromestska station, Prague

On line A, which was opened in 1978, station walls are covered with aluminium tiles which come in three versions (convex, concave or flat) and in different shades of colour. The designers thus managed to create a stunning, science-fiction-like appearance. More [Prague photos...]

Source [Metro Bits]

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Heidi Klum "The Body" bra for Victoria's Secret

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum may just be the hardest working woman in fashion. She's a world famous model, the host and executive producer of the hit reality show "Project Runway," and she's expecting her third child.

As if that's not enough, she has signed on to be the spokeswoman of the new Body Bra by Victoria's Secret and face of the campaign in her spare time.

Klum has revealed the first bra to be released by her and the company is called "The Body" in honor of the nickname she got when she first started to model for them. There are 8 different colors and in a part without seam and satin.

'Body Bra de Heidi Klum' is on sale at the [Victoria's Secret] website.

Here is another eralier commercial of her for Victoria Secret.

Watch [Heidi Klum Victoria's Secret]

More cover from [CBS News]

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Snakes on a Plane (Animation) Trailer

Snakes on a Plane

At first, there was only a plane. And then, there were snakes...ON the plane!

You must have watched the trailer of [Snakes on a Plane] or some of you might even have watched the whole movie.

Here's a hilarious version of such trailer created in flash.

Watch [Snakes on a Plane] (Animation) Trailer

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Fruit Fall

Fruit Fall

Fruitfall is a simple yet absorbing puzzle game!

Clear each level by adjoining three or more identical pieces of fruits. Rotate the screen, line up the matching fruit and proceed to the next level.

There are total of 10 levels on this online version. If you find it interesting and wanted to play for more... [Download it] and play!

Play [Fruit Fall]

Japanese Mayonnaise

 Japanese Mayonnaise

This is a weird Mayonnaise commercial from Japan. I've no idea what was the relation between Mayonnaise and American football, just see how this sexy Japanese girl catch the bottle.

Watch [Japanese Mayonnaise]