Friday, June 29, 2007

Looking for a Friend?

Few years ago, I started looking for friends through the online. Hoping to know more people through the power of the internet. I was looking for some long term relationship and finally I met my girlfriend through FriendFinder. When we first met we exchange email and then started chating online using ICQ with each other almost everynight. Hoping that we could always stick in front of the computer and chat for days and nights non-stop. In no time I fell in love with her, and I proposed her to be my girlfriend and she agreed. This means I no more walking alone.

I found this kind of Friend Finding website is pretty helpful if you are looking for a friend, a mate or a partner for dating, romance, friendship, and a variety of encounters.

I like this FriendFinder.Com, it has been around for a number of years now and the member base is huge. It is a user friendly site where it is free to join, and for under $10 US you can view and contact singles near you.

I especially like the free blogging service in FriendFinder to express your personality so that people will known you more. In the other way, I enjoy browsing and reading other members' blog and leave comments and become friends later.

Hello Paris

What it takes for a person to repent from his or her sin? Will sending a person into a solitary confinement shall changed a person totally? It’s like 18-0 degree turning point?

Of course from the recent news all about Paris Hilton, she was being center of ridicule object as well as being making fun of. During a phone interview with Ryan Seacrest, she told him that now she had changed. She is now much more grateful for everything she had. What shall I be looking forward to see if whether she will be using her fame in a good way or not. Just like she mentioned it in an interview.

I shall reserve some benefits of doubt on her matter. But how about me, myself? Am I grateful and content enough for things I had?

Time to ponder eh?

Thursday, June 07, 2007

PPP, I love you

I joined PayPerPost since January and started to write blog reviews for different advertisers. I have writen 18 opportunities since then and earned US$222.00 from the program, average of US$12 per post.

PPP, I love youIn case you are not sure, PayPerPost is a blog marketing program. It connects advertisers and bloggers together, they help advertisers to advertise on blogs and bloggers to generate income for reviewing something on their blogs.

I am planning an oversea trip with my love one by end of this year, most probably Bangkok. I hope by the time I have made enough money from PPP in order to support all my expenses for the trip.

Beside the money earned from PPP, I also learn something along with the program. That includes improving my writing skills, and I learn a lot from the advertisers too. I did some research before I write the reviews, and I found quite a number of useful information out there; such as information on Morgage, Properties, Online Backup, Email marketing and more. I feel like learning new things everyday, it just can't get any better than that!