Monday, August 27, 2007

Meggie Q on Maxim


Margaret Denise Quigley doesn't exactly sound like an Asian superstar. So it's perhaps fortunate that these happened to be three words that no one in Hong Kong could ever pronounce - giving birth to the abbreviated legend that is Maggie Q. It's a name to remember - on the brink of martial arts stardom oovver here, the 28-year-old model and actress is already worshipped in Asia. 'It does make it difficult to leave the house without a disguise,' she laughs. 'And the fans are pretty intense. There was this Hong Kong cop who got access to my private phone number and address and made my life a misery.. Another fan sent me a collection of photos that were a montage of theirs and mine, so in every shot it looked like we were an item. That obviously went straight up on my living room wall.'

Not that you'd be advised to take liberties with the frankly stunning star of Naked Weapon and Rush Hour 2, Mission Impossible 3 and the latest Die Hard 4.0 (Live Free or Die Hard). Accomplished in the arts of Thai boxing and tae kwon do, the diminutive powerpack is a bit tasty in more ways than one, 'I did once knock out a cameraman on set. I accidentally nailed him with a kick that sent him flying. Luckily the camera was okay.'











Sunday, August 05, 2007

PPP Advertisers is getting 10% on Average CTR

I have been writing for PayPerPost since January this year. I reviewed many great products, softwares and many useful websites. Some talked about e-mail marketing, online backup or CRM software. I have also reviewed some financial products such as Martgage packages and Credit Card offers. All these were of course sponsored by the advertisers who paid PPP to promote their products or services.

While it is not difficult to write the sponsored posts, I sometime wonder if these sponsors get their return from what they have paid? As I might become an advertiser one day.

The qeation has stayed in my head for some time, until recently I read an article from the PPP blog which titled: "10.545% average ctr on PPP Sponsored Posts"

As the title has already explained, 10.545% of readers will click on the sponsored link! While the average Google AdWords result was around .5-1.5%. What does that mean? It certainly not saying that you should drop other type of advertising, but this Paid Review is for sure suitable for diversifying your media campaigns. Bacause most that sponsored content delivers eyeballs and real, qualified traffic to the advertiser's site.

I am seriously thinking of making some ads on my new website that going to be launched next month. If you have any experience on PPP Advertising program, I would be interested in knowing the results.


Dying with The New Honda Type-R

The latest Honda Civic has already made me fall in love, but this new Type-R, is going to make me die. It is so SPORTY! Have you ever been riding in a VTEC engine Honda and accerate to the top speed? The sound is just AWESOME!!

What's the best of it? Unlike normal ordinary cars, that people usually get auto transmission, HONDA TYPE-R IS A STICK BABE!

Which part of "sport" do you see in auto transmission cars? That's why sticks are always better! I wonder why RX8 is in auto!?